• Secure


    With Multi-factor Authentication-as-a-Service, your users no longer need to create passwords, which eliminates the single largest point of compromise to your business. Instead, the service uses pairing-based cryptography to verify authentication between your provider and an end-user’s smartphone.

  • Affordable


    Now you can authenticate all your employees cost-effectively. That’s because you only pay for the service, when you use it. In addition, unlike other authentication services, you can also authenticate your partners and external users who trust their personal, financial, or medical information to you, quickly, and without incurring undue costs.

  • Simple


    Easier to administer, with no shipping, no need to set up in-house infrastructure, and no need to integrate any on-premise network devices. Everything is provided in the cloud. Deployment is faster than ever before – you can be up and running in a day. And of course, all this makes it easier for your end users.

    Download the free mobile app from the Google Play or iTunes store, and explore what we have to offer.