• Predictable

    Remove password risks. Replace your hardware tokens and all levels of authentication with a single, secure, and scalable solution.

  • Affordable

    Protect internal and external users with a service that’s less expensive than the monthly cost of sending sms messages.

  • Easy to use

    Manage your service delivery channels, billing, and users through one simple web dashboard.

The most secure Multi-factor Authentication-as-a-Service platform in the world

Deliver predictable security and financial outcomes for your stakeholders with a disruptive technology that makes both financial and technical sense for authenticating employees, partners and external users.

Dimension Data's Multi-factor Authentication-as-a-Service platform provides secure authentication with zero friction for procurement, implementation, on-boarding or using the service.

Security on the web is not standing still. Neither should a security solution.

Cybercrime is estimated to cost the worldwide economy about USD 400 billion annually, up nearly 200% in five years. And as enterprise workforces become more mobile, network  vulnerabilities are on the increase. In fact, today, it’s possible for 90% of employee passwords to be decoded within six hours.

There’s no better time to rethink your cybersecurity solution.

Introducing the world’s leading  secure user authentication for businesses – and their end user ecosystems.

Dimension Data's Multi-factor Authentication-as-a-Service provides secure, multi-factor authentication for your employees, partners, and external users – all at a predictable cost. Buying and deploying the service is simple, and on-boarding your users won’t drain your time or theirs.

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Why Dimension Data?

Our difference is our depth – combined with our breadth.

As part of the largest communications group in the world, NTT, we see more Internet traffic than anyone else – 40% – and that gives us better insight into the risks that are circulating and could affect your business.

We know where they come from, how they work, and how to combat them. And we turn that insight into action by incorporating it into all our security consulting and managed security services.

Our 700 security specialists have carried out 15,000 security engagements with our 6,000 clients across 58 countries.

We have global systems integration partnerships with the major vendors, including Check Point, Cisco, Blue Coat, Intel Security and Palo Alto.

We have strong security consulting capabilities, a comprehensive range of managed security services for the cloud age – and we combine this with the range of other technologies which make digital business possible.

That combination of depth and breadth sets us apart, and makes us the ideal partner to secure your digital business.